Meer mens

Role: Concept & copy
Agency: Havas Lemz
Mediq is the amazon for the healthcare industry. As a player who’s not directly at the beds, they spend a lot of time making healthcare more human. There are tons of examples of how they make people feel less like a patient and more like a human being – from bringing infusion therapy to people’s homes, work or holidays to a program with PostNL to fight loneliness of elderly. Time to start telling these stories, with a new brand positioning and a new line: Meer mens.

A shift in healthcare.
Inside and outside Mediq.
With an internal campaign we showed 1200 employees the bigger picture they’re creating together. And collected stories from all employees about the most beautiful ways they helped a patient, solutions they are most proud of, or opportunities they see to humanize healthcare. We used the best stories and solutions as content for our external campaign. We captured them together with photographer Judith Jockel. We created editorial prints, social ads and a podcast together with Audiocollectief Schik.

Podcast episode 1 & 2

Concept created with Katharina Goetzendorfer, Remco Marinus, Chester de Vries | Photography by Judith Jockel | Podcast production: Audiocollectief Schik