De Nacht Staat Op

Role: Concept & copy
Agency: Natwerk

On a Friday night during corona lockdown we had a talk with 6 angry Amsterdam club owners. They’d had it with the government and would open their doors in two weeks, against the strict corona rules, risking huge fines.

They needed a voice, a message and a story that would unite the Netherlands to support them. The next Monday, we introduced ‘De Nacht Staat Op’, mobilising the Dutch nightlife community behind one message: the need for nightlife. Starting with a single post, within a day we had 18K+ followers. A week later, 40K+ followers and 15.000 tickets sold out.

Several media exploitants supported us with free media space. The Adam-toren showed our colors. Clubs all over the Netherlands joined. And even cartoonists and Dutch celebs shared our message.


︎︎︎ 15000 tickets sold out in a week.
︎︎︎ 250+ national and international publications online.
︎︎︎ Daily news- and TV-coverage for more than 2 weeks.
︎︎︎ One night full of music, dancing, love and relief.
︎︎︎ All focus in the public debate on the importance and need for nightlife.
︎︎︎ Several fines, never to be collected.
︎︎︎ 3 days later, the government finally announced a date for the clubs to reopen, though they never closed their doors again.

(And... no corona contamination outburst.)
Design by Jeroen Giesen & Yvonne Mak | PR by Wendy Dirksen